PETN – A Sensitivity Study

Thomas M. Klapötke1, Guillaume Lemarchand2, Tobias Lenz1, Moritz Mühlemann2, Jörg Stierstorfer1, Ralf Weber3

1 Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, Munich, Germany
2 BIAZZI, Montreux, Switzerland
3 Austin Powder, Cleveland, USA

Abstract. Since accidents still happen on PETN plants, more information about the sensitivity of the nitrate ester is essential to ensure safer handling and transport. The sensitivity toward friction and impact of different PETN samples has been studied using the BAM Friction and the BAM Drophammer apparatus. The samples were modified and examined in their moisture, grain size and morphology. This was achieved by careful wetting, sieving and recrystallization from various solvents. The water content was determined by Karl Fischer titration.

Keywords: PETN; Nitrate ester; Drophammer; Impact; Friction; Sensitivity; Moisture; Grain Size

ID: 32, Contact: Tobias Lenz, NTREM 2020